Who said that recycling had to be a hassle?

Our friends at Arizona Pacific Pulp & Paper, Inc. have taken recycling to the next level and have created an easy, hassle free system that allows everyone to get involved to make this world a better place.

Arizona Pacific Pulp & Paper, Inc. has been operating in the state of Arizona since 1997 and have dedicated themselves to providing customized recycling plans to accommodate each suppliers recycling needs. APPP is equipped to handle a vast array of recycling needs including separation and processing, document and product destruction, as well as trucking and equipment.

APPP is a leader in the recycling industry and is the only Arizona recycler to offer a Styrofoam recycling service.  To learn more about this amazing company and what they can do for you, please visithttp://www.azpacificpaper.com or click on the image above.

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