Debt Recovery

We offer legal services specifically tailored to the needs of those recovering consumer debt. With our secure software integration capabilities, our service offering can be integrated into the liquidation cycle by any number of participants including the original creditor, debt buyer, legal network, or Attorney.

In this new age of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) oversight, EZ Messenger has outpaced our competitors in developing and maintaining policies and procedures to remain compliant with industry standards.  Our Quality Control & Compliance department, including Inhouse General Counsel, was specifically developed to ensure that EZ Messenger’s services meet our client’s audit requirements. Your documents, and your reputation, are safe with us!

Our goal at EZ Messenger is to help our collection partners realize a lower cost of litigation, attain unmatched service, and ultimately improve netback. Contact Us today to learn more about how our volume pricing and systemic advances can make your legal recovery channel more efficient and improve your bottom line.


EZ Messenger has a long established record of serving attorneys with great customer service and an unparalleled commitment to excellence. We understand how attorneys work and we have a menu of support services that address your every need in the ever-changing legal landscape. Call on Us to help you deliver the quality services your clients deserve!

Governmental Agencies

EZ Messenger has been the legal support services provider of choice for many City and State Governmental Agencies, including multiple agencies under the umbrella of the Attorney General’s Offices in both Arizona and Texas.  Our ability to integrate our software systems, provide exceptional service of process services, and provide the level of customer care required to meet the needs of such large and varied entities is an example of the quality of service we are prepared to offer you. Contact Us to talk about how we can help you.