Disruption in the Legal Tech Industry – EZ Venue

Disruption – Dare this author say probably the most overused word since “synergy”. Little did we all know that COVID-19 was going to be the biggest disrupter yet and a catalyst for further technological disruption.
The catalyst comes in the form of pressure in many cases. Pressure for all businesses, including law firms and legal support firms like EZ Messenger, to change and evolve. Pressure to allow work from home, pressure to do more with less, and pressure to challenge and change the old way of doing things.
Whether you know it or not someone in your law firm is probably spending an inordinate amount of time determining what venue to file suit in – ONE AT A TIME. This person is an asset, a whiz even, but couldn’t that time be used somewhere more strategically? Even for the person that knows every venue by heart and suit amount thresholds some files are going to take more time than others…phone calls to courts to verify, and even peer review. EZ Venue is a software that alleviates the tedious and often inaccurate task of determining a venue to file suit. A batch function takes a task that would have required countless man hours and turns it into a click of a button by utilizing the latest Geospatial Technology for mapping court jurisdictions and venue boundaries. Mapping preferences within jurisdictions allows law firms to strategically file.
The key goal for EZ Venue is to improve accuracy and save resources. Its time to stop doing things the way we always have. Reach out to EZ Messenger and let our technology help you do more with less.

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