“WhoKnocked” Coming Soon

In the wake of the global US pandemic EZ Messenger is proud to announce an upcoming launch of WhoKnocked . WhoKnocked’s goal is to bring clarity to the common question in the legal process of “who knocked on my door and why” by connecting the relevant parties through a virtual, informative, interactive and professional experience.
WhoKnocked aims to bring security and transparency to service of process. Through technology, WhoKnocked offers consumers the ability to have a say on when and where they will be served legal paperwork. This makes getting served safer and minimizes the chance of being served in an undesirable setting. For Covid in particular this means getting served safely.
Process servers are on board with early trials because, at no cost, WhoKnocked eliminates the need for Servers to used masked phone numbers or “burner phones” to connect with individuals they are trying to serve. And it provides Servers with an effective tool to use to increase service rate. Saving time and money.
Early trials are overwhelmingly positive with the WhoKnocked experience and EZ Messenger will be rolling out the next stages aggressively in response to COVID-19. Learn more at http://www.whoknocked.com/

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