Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – April 22, 2020

As the country tries desperately to regain a footing in the business sectors, we are watching with great interest as certain states begin to provide plans for re-opening. Texas, one of our largest states for filing and service, announced a phased plan targeted at getting the populous back to work without hampering the slow decline in new cases.

I thought you might find this information useful and contacted our partners at Contact Relief ( to collect similar information for the rest of our core states. We currently use their resources to drive our Compassionate Service program (more information here). Their research team was keen to track this data and EZ Messenger has been tracking their updates daily. Information across our core states is available upon request.
We have also continued to provide grants to our servers through the Erin’s List program. Erin’s List was formed in 2016 and provides financial assistance to process servers impacted from catastrophic events. Offering support during challenging times helps the process server sustain our important contributions to the judicial process. The funds are running low and the non-profit program is once again asking for contributions. For more information, visit the website (here)

As always, may you and your family, friends and colleagues be safe and healthy.


EZ Messenger

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