Process Server Relief During COVID-19 Crisis

First and foremost, process servers are independent contractors. Like many independent contractors, working for a variety of companies, they do not qualify for unemployment. Without the help of unemployment options are limited for these individuals.
The legal industry relies on the men and women who call process serving their profession to help them carry out their daily tasks. Despite that they are an often-forgotten cog in the wheel. To help provide aid the Erin’s List Process Server Relief Fund was created within the Erin’s List nonprofit. Erin’s List database is a collaborative effort to increase process server safety. Erin’s List helps to make safety a priority, without taking any extra time or effort from a servers daily routine.
The fund is in place to support process servers when they have no other means of support. During Hurricane Harvey many process servers received relief from the fund thanks to donations from a variety of sources. Now more than ever the relief fund needs your support. Together we will persevere COVID-19.
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****EZ Messenger is affiliated with Erin’s List as founding partners and ongoing donor both financially and through support resources****

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